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Reduce Sickness > Increase Productivity

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31 million days each year are lost due to back shoulder and knee pain
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Sickness absence costs UK business an average £522 per case – MSK injury being the prime contributor.
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Poor MSK health affects all businesses from construction to banking
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£7 billion is lost each year – your business is part of this loss
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MSK injuries represent a substantial cost through sick pay, productivity, retraining, legal and injury benefit
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MSK injuries are manageable and preventable
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Employers owe a legal and moral duty of care to their employees health and wellbeing
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There is a clear link between MSK health and mental health – 34% with MSK injury suffered with depression
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An open and positive culture should be central to your approach towards MSK health
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Musculoskeletal disorders cost the UK an estimated £7 billion a year...

But how does that impact your business? Take a look at the numbers below based on research conducted by Public Health England.

The scale of the problem for employers

1 in 8 of the working population report having a MSK injury

23% of all working days lost are attributable to MSK

Employment rate for people who report MSK as their main health condition is 59.7%

33% of long-term sickness absence is attributed to MSK in England

MSK disorders cost the UK an estimated £7 billion a year

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The scale of the problem for employees

1 in 5 (20%) of people are worried they won't be fit enough to continue working in the next year

A third of people (33%) with a longterm condition felt their colleagues don't understand the impact of their condition

Over 1 in 7 (15%) wouldn't disclose a long-term health condition such as arthritis or recurrent joint pain to their employer

39% don't feel confident discussing their workplace health with their employer

BUT MSK problems are manageable and can be prevented...


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