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James Burgess – Founder


City Healthcare Solutions was founded by James Burgess. After 5 years in practice, a patient one late Tuesday afternoon in the Ashford clinic, thanked James for staying open until 9pm.

The reason the clinic stayed open so late was to allow the patients who worked in London enough time to get home from work and to make their way to the clinic (a few minutes from Ashford International station).

These patients were CEO’s, CFO’s, head hunters and directors who worked long days and couldn't always guarantee to make the 5:30 train home.

The last patient that Tuesday evening said ‘Couldn’t you treat me at my work?’ The answer was sure why not! That was when the idea of onsite treatment was first considered.

After many months of research and discussions with the different individuals who work in London, the company ‘City Healthcare Solutions’ was founded.

The discussions and research showed that it was fundamental to offer a package rather than just one dimension. This lead to the inclusion of onsite Yoga and ergonomic desk assessments.

Offering a package to deliver a great service to decrease the cost of Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and hence decrease employee absenteeism, increase employee retention, give employees a great benefits package and allows individuals who work long hours to have the treatment at work - no more having to work from home to be able to make an appointment.




James Burgess


James Burgess has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and a Masters in Chiropractic. James completed an internship with AFC Bournemouth and worked alongside and under the guidance of the head physio.

At his time there he treated multi-million-pound footballers and gathered an understanding of working in a multidisciplinary setting.

After leaving the area of Bournemouth James worked in a well-established clinic in Maidstone whilst also setting up a clinic within a CrossFit gym treating individuals in Ashford and also CrossFit athletes.

At the same time, James also worked at Gillingham FC for 3 seasons whilst also having the privilege to work with professional golfers, IronMan athlete and the general public.

Botha Edit

Louise Botha

British Yoga Alliance

Louise has been teaching yoga for a number of years and is a certified Hari Om YT , Vipassana Meditation Practitioner.

Louise is registered with the British Yoga Alliance and practices ashtanga & Hatha yoga.

Studying yoga in Costa Rica, Louise has experienced how yoga can transform lives.

Louise is passionate about sharing this gift of yoga and promoting health and wellbeing in an office setting.

Yoga can improve flexibility, mobility, strength, breathing patterns, enhance endurance, leading to a calmer state of mind and a generally happier disposition.

Please read our blog on the many cardiovascular benefits Yoga offers: Yoga’s Place In The Work Space.


Certified Hari OM YT / Vipassana Meditation PractitionerBritish Yoga Alliance

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