How City Healthcare Solutions Benefits Its Clients

City Healthcare Solutions believes that offering a great service will, in turn, improve employee retention, decrease sick pay due to MSK & other health conditions, and allows your company to offer a great benefits package.

When you start a new job, the most likely question your friends and family will ask after establishing what your new job actually is, "What are the benefits like?". Source

Attracting, Retaining & Reflecting

CIPD states that retaining staff, especially managers and professionals has become ever more difficult. Implementing a great employee benefit scheme such as City Healthcare Solutions will aid in attracting, retaining and reflecting the culture and values of your company. 

Staff Retention Statistics

  • Reducing labour turnover saves £4500 per leaver (CIPD)
  • Engaged employees 87% less likely to leave & generate 43% more turnover (Watson Wyatt / Hay Group)
  • Engaged workers average 2.69 sick days V’s 6.19 of poor engaged employees (workplace research foundation)


Statistics show that up to 70% of the population will suffer with neck pain at some point in their life, with nearly 40% suffering with chronic neck pain.

‘Neck pain causes considerable personal discomfort due to pain, disability, and impaired quality of life, and may affect work’.

It can cost a single country in excess of 2 billion Euros in decreased productivity at work, increase in sick leave and rising medical costs. This economic magnitude highlights the need for prevention of risk factors and the importance of treatment. Risk factors such as poor ergonomic desk set up, age, stress, low physical activity and job satisfaction all contribute to the increase in the prevalence of neck pain.

With the rise in work hours, job stresses and the ageing workforce, it is fundamental that neck pain is controlled. 

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) states that neck pain should primarily be treated conservatively with NSAIDS, manual therapies (massage, exercises, manipulation) and postural advice

To learn how neck pain can also cause headaches read our blog on headaches.



Low back pain has long been the leading cause of work absenteeism.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that low back pain can cause disabling pain with the consequence of a decrease in work performance and affect overall general health.

Low back pain has a prevalence of up to 70% with the peak range at 35-55 years of age. Up to 100 million work days lost each year due to low back pain. Risk factors for low back pain include age (35-55), poor general health (weight gain), psychosocial (work stresses), occupational hazards, inactive job (long work hours sitting) and poor posture (ergonomic desk set up).

It is therefore fundamental to not only be active at work, lead a healthy lifestyle and have an ergonomic desk set up, but it also shows the importance of treatment for low back pain.

Conservative measures such as massage, spinal manipulation, yoga and if needed a course of NSAIDS have been shown to help in the treatment of low back pain.



Sciatica may come after low back pain and is described as radiating leg pain. Other feelings are of numbness, tingling or pins and needles.

90% of cases are caused by a disc protrusion or extrusion.  Narrowing of the hole (stenosis) where the nerve leaves the spinal cord is also another cause for sciatica.

Risk factors for sciatica are age (30 years of age plus), weight gain, occupational factors and stress.

Treatment options for sciatica are to undertake a conservative management plan. Massage, limited bed rest (keep moving) use of certain medications & certain exercises have all shown to assist in the treatment of sciatica.



The hips and knees are the two largest weight bearing joints. Prevalence of knee pain affects around 25% of individuals which limits function, mobility and overall life quality.

The most common cause of knee pain in the over 50s is osteo-arthritis (OA). Age and obesity are the main risk factors of OA and with the increasing prevalence in obesity and ageing we can expect OA to be on the rise.

It has also been stated that in the US hip and knee OA has been on the rise since the mid 1990’s, cementing the facts of obesity and age risk factors.

The arthritis foundation states that yoga has been shown to help reduce joint arthritis and also stress and overall wellbeing.

Conservative care such as exercise (weight loss & knee strengthening), massage and NSAIDS have all been shown to help in the treatment of knee and hip OA.



The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) state that ‘as an employer, you must protect your workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment (DSE), such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones’.

The HSE also state that the laws and regulations apply to frequent DSE users who use the equipment for more than an hour at a time.  This includes a fixed work station, ‘hot-desking’ & home workers.

Therefore employers must follow the laws by undertaking a DSE assessments, reducing risks (including taking breaks from DSE work, e.g. yoga), provide eye tests, should an employee ask for one, and provide training/information to all employees.

The HSE finally state ‘incorrect use of DSE or poorly designed workstations or work environments can lead to pain in necks, shoulders, backs, arms, wrists and hands, as well as fatigue and eye strain’.

Poor Posture
Poor Posture
Correct Posture
Correct Posture


With the above research on the main MSK injuries, common prevalences and risk factors, it is fundamental that employers take action to reduce these costly injuries.

One way to allow employees the time to get away from their desk, refresh their minds, keep them happy and aid in their MSK health is yoga.

Yoga only needs a little space and 40 minutes of the employees’ lunch break (allowing them to eat & change to start work again).

Yoga can be tailored to the employees’ needs and our fully qualified onsite yoga instructor, Louise Botha has the experience to bring yoga to the workspace.

Read our blog Yogas Place In The Workspace.

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James is an exceptional chiropractor. His understanding of the body, specifically in relation to sports/athletic performance is second to none. Saw results after only a couple of sessions and know of many others who have also seen superb results overcoming long-term injuries/issues with James' help. And he is a top guy as well!

Craig Whiting

Not only does James sort out all of my aches and pains but he is exceptionally engaging and inspiring. I can see myself doing business with James in the years to come on the basis I invest in people rather than ideas. And hopefully he will carry on putting me back together when I pull muscles etc.

Jamie Chapman

I have been receiving ongoing treatment with James to allow me to continue with my intense exercise regime and to remain injury free for my athletic performance. He has demonstrated thorough knowledge in his field, utilising evidence based practice to provide me with the holistic treatment I need. James is always friendly and professional, answering any questions and liaising with my coaches as necessary. As a fellow health professional, it is a welcomed experience to be in the care of a practitioner who is as passionate and supportive as James. I have highly recommended him to family and friends who have also received excellent treatment and are now injury and pain free.

Christie Alkin

James is polite and professional and always willing to go the extra mile for his patients. Having suffered from headaches and migraines for a while now I have been to see my fair share of chiropractors over the years and James’s calm and measured approach put me at ease straight away. Through a combination of regular sessions and exercises to do at home he has vastly reduced the frequency and impact of both my migraines & headaches. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending him.

Abby Lee

As a tech worker, I'd seen back problems as just part of the job. When I started seeing James earlier this year, I was suffering with a collection of aches and pains that were making it difficult to keep up with my professional responsibilities. Since starting my sessions, James has consistently gone above and beyond at every stage; alongside reducing the immediate aches through out my creaking body, James has given me the knowledge and tools to ensure I can look after myself and keep happily working for years to come. It's been an absolute pleasure receiving treatment from someone who is not only exceptionally competent, but clearly has a real passion for their work, and genuine concern for their clients well-being. Thanks to James, I'm once again able to keep up with the long hours, without discomfort and frequent interruptions.

Robin Neal

I have been seeing James for the past 3 years and cannot recommend him more. James is highly professional whilst making you feel at ease. After suffering with lower back pain for over 7 years, James has managed to relieve me of the pain and teach me tools to ensure my back stays in good health. I now see James for maintenance and have managed to run the London marathon and compete in Crossfit competition iniury free and recently recover from a knee surgery with ease.

Lana Salih

I’ve been a patient of James for 3 years now and have recommend to my own family too. He’s a great guy with fantastic knowledge and passion for what he does. A rare trait these days. I find him to be the utmost professional and extremely courteous as well as very thorough in his treatments, advice and strategy. Highly recommended

Peter Doyle

James has helped me massively with my back troubles. I've gone from being at the point where it was a struggle to move, to having a consistently pain-free back and no movement issues, I can't recommend him enough.

Steve Kennaird

I have been seeing James regularly now for over a year. With the combination of a lot of hours spent in a car for work followed by a variety of jobs (sometimes physical), also doing CrossFit 4/5 times a week, I have struggled with back and knee pain. Seeing James once every 4-6 weeks helps me keep on top of my pain and stiffness allowing me to carry on working and training without struggling or suffering with pain. Would highly recommend James for both injury treatment and check up/body maintenance.

Oliver Forbes

I’ve had 8 sessions with James so far, and now currently pain free. I came in with niggles and pains all over, especially back and knees. It was difficult for me to do general functional movements without being in pain, and the type of job I have is standing and lifting all day. Within a few sessions I noticeably saw huge improvement, resulting in me being able to start exercising again. James has been very professional and knowledgable through out, without making you feel rushed out the door and always gave me realistic exercises that i can carry out with a busy schedule. Would definitely recommend.

Olivia Burrows

I started seeing James a couple of years ago after a sports injury made commuting and sitting at my desk, let alone gym activities, painful to the point of distraction. After successfully diagnosing and treating that injury, with its resultant symptoms, I now consider a regular treatment as part of my general upkeep and well-being. Being fit and active are fundamental to me feeling my best and James is always personable, thorough and genuinely interested in keeping me that way – I have no hesitation at all in recommending him.

Daniel Balmforth

I had chronic back pain and spasms for around 6-9 months before I bit the bullet and reached out to James. I reached out on boxing Day of all days, he text me back and contacted me the following day. I explained my issues and he booked me in for the very next day after understanding the seriousness of my condition. The immediate relief after our first session spurred me on to keep returning. After 4 or 5 visits I still had some pain and James reinforced the progress I had made, he was right. After around 8 visits my back pain had the reduced to the point of almost being back to normal, I cannot thank James enough. The pain and fear of triggering my back stopped me working effectively, doing normal tasks around the house, sporting activities. I really wasn't mentally in a good place and my doctor was useless. James is a true professional, always explaining the why and how, flexible, prompt and delivering a great service. If you want to be cared for properly go and see James, the breadth of his knowledge is impressive, he doesn't just work with back injuries. To be honest, I'll never so anywhere else for any sort of physical or muscular injury. He's actually a nice guy too which really helps. Thank you James.

Leee Jeffries


Our 3 step process allows us here at City Healthcare Solutions to provide a unique package that suits your company’s needs. From onsite treatment (massage, adjustments, stretching, exercises) to yoga at lunchtimes and ergonomic desk set-ups.


Initial Contact

Contact City Healthcare Solutions to arrange a meeting:

Office: 02071 997235



Discuss the needs of your company & ask any questions you may have. This can be carried out at your place of work or a local venue.

The frequency of onsite treatment may depend on the number of employees or the number of employees who suffer with MSK injuries.

Discuss yoga benefits and how this is implemented at the workplace.



The implementation phase. Whichever package you choose from - onsite treatment once per week or biweekly, the implementation phase is the exciting phase.

Indemnity Insurance & public liability – All practitioners have the required indemnity and public liability insurance necessary.

Ready to explore your long term business possibilities with City Healthcare Solutions?